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Zalem began to play the didgeridoo in 2002. He progressively developed his own style, with his rock/electro influences and the integration of beatbox in his playing.

He joined differents bands like JMPZ, Wadhom, Vibration Visuelle, Milanga, and the Adèle & Zalem duet ... which will lead him across the world to share his vibrations.

In solo, Zalem use the infinite possibilities which offer the didgeridoo and the human body, to transport the audience towards colorfull, enchanting and dynamic worlds


Since 2009 Zalem is collaborating with Christian Gueret and his didgelements.

Those sandwich made by didgeridoo from locals wood are incredible. With a rare fineness and perfectly balanced, they are truly dedicated to 
nuanced style of playing.

His last creation, the evoludidg open new ways with the possibility to have 3 or 4 didgs in 1.

© Zalem Delarbre